Using lecturing staff provided by Pathways Advantage means you take little or no financial risk and it can help you balance your budget. Working with us, you'll benefit from:

  • Paying only for the hours delivered
  • Risk free capacity management
  • No cancellation fees
  • Freedom from contingent liability
  • Online ordering system that gives you ultimate control of expenditure via a bespoke authorisation process
  • Detailed cost projections

Pathways Advantage is an effective supplier of staffing and educational services to providers in the FE sector. We have a large amount of visiting Lecturers on our database. We understand that achieving the right balance between temporary and permanent lecturing staff can be difficult. Recruiting new temporary staff for a particular period or a specific course is never straightforward, however Pathways Advantage can remove the obstacles and offer immediate and flexible solutions.

We are also an effective supplier of assessors to the FE sector. With a database of skilled and qualified assessors, we have a wealth of experience and expertise, enabling your college to secure high retention and achievement rates for work-based learners. We recognise the challenge presented by the new common funding system and have developed new flexible no-risk price plans to support you so you can pay your assessors:

  • 25% on learner enrolment
  • 25% at an agreed mid point
  • 50% on leaner achievement

Pathways Advantage has developed the most comprehensive range of support services to FE colleges in the UK. We can help colleges find the right senior managers, help struggling colleges be ready for inspection, help colleges make the right choices when considering outsourcing services.