Pathways Advantage is a specialist recruitment provider to the Education sector, recruiting for all key senior functions. We cater to all of our clients' recruitment needs whether they seek to appoint one key individual, a department, or fulfil their annual intake. Pathways Advantage possesses both the expertise and the resources to ensure that all of their objectives are met on time, within budget and with the minimum of disruption to the operation of their institution.

Our Client Base
We recruit for all sizes and varieties of institutions from large universities and schools to education councils and government bodies. Our sphere of activity covers all levels from primary through to further education. We recruit nationally and internationally, sourcing candidates from around the world.

We establish strong professional relationships and are therefore able to develop a deep understanding of our clients' cultures and strategic objectives by visiting the client on site and meeting current staff. This knowledge gives us a unique ability to recruit at all professional levels, adding value to organisations from Head of Department through to Board level positions.

Our Candidate Base
Across the Education sector the imbalance between supply and demand for talented professionals is acute and through our extensive database and market knowledge, we are able to source the right candidates for our clients.

We recruit across all disciplines including primary, secondary and tertiary education, recruiting for teaching staff and lecturers through to Principles, Deans and Directors. We also source specialist education staff such as teacher trainers, education consultants, librarians, examiners and business managers.

Our Approach
With education skills becoming increasingly transferable across borders we are in a strong position to recruit internationally for our clients. We work primarily on an executive search or advertised selection basis, targeting specific skills and experience for our clients. In addition, we work from our extensive database for contingency positions.

Pathways Advantage can provide all the mandatory and short course training you need to meet the Common Induction Standards or ensure continuous professional development. Courses are delivered in your workplace at a time convenient to you and each course can accommodate up to 15 attendees.

The term National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) means the qualification has been approved by the Qualifications Curriculum Authority. NVQ's are work related competence based qualifications which involve the assessment of the skills, knowledge and abilities of an individual. They are available to anyone at any age or stage of their career and they are very flexible and accessible.

NVQs are based on National Occupation Standards set in consultation with specific Sector and are recognised by employers in the UK and abroad. To gain an NVQ the individual will be assessed through the evaluation of work-based performance, presenting evidence, witness testimony and questioning. A portfolio of evidence is produced by the candidate to demonstrate that they can perform to the required standards.

What are the benefits of NVQ's ?
NVQs are for those who want to gain a qualification to improve their standards and further their knowledge in their working environment. They offer the opportunity for personal development and enhanced career prospects.

For employers; having a workforce with the right skills and qualifications is both a requirement under the National Minimum Standards and essential for a successful business. Pathways Advantage programs are designed to help your employees develop the knowledge and skills required and to give them nationally recognised qualifications.

NVQ’s are provided to organisation to support:

  • Learners development and personal needs
  • the needs of the organisation in which you work in practice

In order to undertake an NVQ by nature of the qualification you have to be employed in a Health and Social Care setting and are able to meet the requirements of the award.The programme recognises that each person is an individual with his or her own learning needs and style. Therefore a self-directed approach will be encouraged to your learning. It is also acknowledged that you as an individual have a unique contribution to make to your peer group’s learning. This concept is reflected in the learning and teaching strategies which include:

  • Formulation of personal learning plans/learning contracts
  • Collection of evidence of learning in a portfolio
  • Self-directed study
  • Negotiated peer group and tutorial support.
  • Workshops

Individuals learn most effectively when they feel valued and supported.
This will be facilitated by:

  • an assessor
  • management commitment

Learners and employers will be expected to sign an agreement of commitment to study before undertaking the course.

Pathways Advantage will endeavour to provide detailed advice on access to funding to support the implementation of the programme.

Pathways Advantage is committed to providing a high quality and successful teaching and learning experience that benefits both learner and employer.

Entry Requirements
NVQ's are open to candidates at any age, of either gender and there are no entry barriers on the grounds of race, creed or previous academic attainment or learning. However, candidates must be employed in a workplace relevant to the occupational standards for the specific sector to enable them to complete the qualification successfully.

How to Participate
Candidates: Should you wish to find out more about the qualification we offer please call +44 (0)121 708 0731, complete an application form or alternatively you can email us.

Employers: Our national call centre will provide you with advice on how to implement an NVQ programme, methods of delivery and eligibility for funding. Call +44 (0)121 708 0731>