Pathways Advantage's specialist, impartial consultancy and support services cover a wide range of issues. We are committed to finding appropriate solutions for clients and if we are unable to provide a service ourselves we will recommend specialists who can assist.

The following are examples of consultancy and support services we currently provide:

  • Advice and guidance on training and development
  • High quality training, workforce development, induction, foundation, underpinning knowledge and assessment.
  • Learner tracking and development portfolio of services to meet the employer/employee requirements.
  • Flexible delivery models to suit individual and employer requirements.
  • The provision of industry experienced assessors and specialists to delivery nationally accredited qualifications.
  • Assessment carried out in the work place, action planning and portfolio management.
  • Internal verification, checking process, assessment and evaluations.
  • External awarding body certification...and much more

Sometimes, asking for advice from someone outside of a situation can deliver a fresh and alternative approach. Different experiences provide for the delivery of alternative ideas and, sometimes better, solutions.

Pathways Advantage nurtures all the varied experiences and develops the knowledge of all our consultants. We invest in our team the same energies we invest in building close working partnerships with our customers. A close relationship leads to greater understanding of strengths and areas that are suitable for development.

Consultancy Services provided by Pathways Advantage work with partner organisations to monitor and determine areas that can be developed to benefit you, your staff, students and learners. This all assists you in delivering a first class education service to help your learners realise their true potential.
Through various methodology and IT solutions, Pathways Advantage Consultancy can work with you to identify how your organisation can become more efficient and effective in the running and delivery of your services.

Using business process reviews our consultants interview a targeted cross section of your staff members. This provides an insight and allows us to determine areas where your management and operations can be developed to become the most effective and efficient it can be. We can help you tailor your business processes to meet the objectives of your organisations through appropriate use of the Pathways Advantage solutions.

We can assist you with accurate curriculum structuring leading to efficient timetabling. Using our services, we can work with you to search out and implement approaches to access the most funding resources available to your organisation. Pathways Advantage’s Consultancy can assist your organisation to:

  • define and focus strategies and operations
  • increase funding and revenue
  • improve your organisation’s reputation and profile
  • improve accuracy and reliability of college statistics
  • improve overall achievement and student experience