Pathways Adavantage provides a comprehensive range of consultancy services that can help you achieve the best value from your existing suppliers.

In addition, we can ensure that your tender processes deliver reliability and value for money from any new operators. We offer consultancy services in:

  • Premises Projects
  • Facilities Management
  • Catering

By using our independent specialists, we can offer you:

Our consultants have extensive experience of working with education clients. We have specialist knowledge of complicated tendering processes and understand the importance of finding the right suppliers to undertake contract work in the FE environment.

Professional advice
Our consultants base their recommendations on practical knowledge gleaned over years of experience. Our benchmark reports are written in plain English and respected for their accuracy and insight.

Our advice is totally impartial and we always recognise the strength as well as the shortcomings of your current operation. We see through the constraints of your facilities to recommend practical and workable solutions.

Our College Services Support has been developed with an understanding of the budgetary constraints facing all colleges. We can help you to maximise the effectiveness of spend in all major catering, premises and facilities management projects that you undertake.